About us

As Belgian natives who chose to make South Carolina our home state, we understand the hesitations and difficulties to “cross the Atlantic.”

But once your decision is made to plant new roots in the US, we can help you make that transition smoother and reduce your risks by sharing our 25 years of experience in doing business in the US.

Like a bridge over the Atlantic, our European background and extensive US experience offer the perfect combination to help you make your American dream come true.

With a Financial background as a ten-year CFO and general management as a fifteen-year CEO of a large manufacturing entity in South Carolina, we offer a solid understanding of the Southeastern business environment as well as an extensive and reliable network of legal, accounting and manufacturing experts as well as legislative and administrative connections.

Don’t wait any longer to join the European companies already enjoying the fast growing economy and friendly business environment of the Southeastern US.

We want to be the first one to welcome you and help you make your project a successful one.